Ambassador James (Wally) Brewster is an internationally recognized Executive, Political Leader, Human Rights Activist, and Motivational Speaker.

Named one of FOREIGN POLICY MAGAZINE's "Top 100 Global Thinkers" for his work with marginalized groups, Ambassador Brewster's remarkable personal journey is one marked with intrigue, revelations and historical moments that not only impacted global change, but broke barriers that have forever changed the course of history.

Known for his expertise in geo-political issues, corruption in government, human rights, immigration and international commerce - alongside his steadfast dedication towards challenging traditional thinking and giving a voice to the marginalized - his leadership has impacted nations, religions and societies worldwide.


Ambassador Brewster’s appointment as the US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic in 2013 made history when he became the first openly gay Ambassador to ever serve the United States in the Western Hemisphere.

During his tenure as US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Ambassador Brewster’s political and strategic expertise is credited for exposing corruption, advancing the rights of the marginalized, and changing the landscape of equality in Latin America. His policy expertise led to advancements in environmental laws, indictment of corrupt foreign officials, trade policy, international immigration laws and enforcement of drug policies against international drug cartels during his tenure. He was also a top negotiator for multiple agreements and treaties between the U.S. and foreign governments.



Ambassador Brewster has continually promoted the critical and timely importance of human rights and its impact in today's global society within corporations and the government.

He has been credited for advancing the rights of the marginalized not only in the US, but around the world – including the stateless population of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic, LGBTQ individuals, the human trafficking of women and young girls, and increasing the awareness of gender-based violence.

His efforts over the years have garnered significant international recognition, including being awarded the highest honor given by the Dominican Republic, the "Duarte Medal of Freedom,” for his impact on the nation, being included in OUT MAGAZINE’s "Out 100" list as a leader in equal human rights, honored by the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with the “Global Humanitarian Award” for his advocacy on behalf of sexual minorities and HIV prevention in the Dominican Republic, and being named a finalist for the State Department’s "Sue M. Cobb Award" recognizing America’s top diplomats for exemplary diplomatic service.



Named one of FOREIGN POLICY MAGAZINE's "Top 100 Global Thinkers," the Ambassador's ability to challenge traditional thinking in order to find innovative solutions has impacted nations, bi-lateral agreements, religions, businesses, and societies worldwide.

He has appeared hundreds of times on international news media outlets around the globe discussing topics including geo-political issues, corruption in government, human rights, immigration and international commerce.



Ambassador Brewster is currently the CEO of Insignias Global, a strategy firm consulting with CEO’s and political leaders around the globe.

Having served as a diplomat, chief executive and corporate leader, he has a deep understanding of how consumerism and cultural dynamics impact international business and development. He is a senior level strategist in organizational design, internal/external communication, e-commerce, and innovation combined with his high-level international and domestic business and political experience.




A highly sought-after speaker and global thought leader on diversity, inclusion, and the timely importance of human rights on today’s global society within corporations and government – the Ambassador’s success over the years is evidence of how having the courage to elevate tough conversations with diplomacy and dignity can break boundaries, stimulate unprecedented growth, and achieve the seemingly unachievable in all areas of life.

Engaging and candid, Ambassador Brewster shares his inspiring personal journey while challenging audiences to unleash their maximum potential in both life and business, providing dynamic and powerful tools to aid in achieving peak performance regardless of the challenges obstructing their path.

Throughout his thought-provoking and transformative talks, audiences learn how to overcome their fears, tackle the uncomfortable, avoid stagnation, strategically approach conflict, and engage in powerful conversations that connect, influence, innovate, and activate impactful change.

  • Dennis Benzan
    "(Ambassador Brewster) has really fought harder than any other ambassador in my lifetime to make sure the Dominican people make real, democratic progress, and he’s taking on an issue that’s not very popular in the Dominican Republic. There’s been lot of backlash, but I think the more Dominican people are forced to have this conversation, the more progress we’re going to have in the 21st century.”
    Dennis Benzan
    Former Cambridge City Councilor
  • Steve Roth, Director of Global Initiatives
    The themes of this year's Executive Forum were COURAGE and LEADERSHIP, and Ambassador Brewster truly embodies both in the best possible ways. His remarks motivated and inspired our executives.
    Steve Roth, Director of Global Initiatives
  • Susan Rice
    President Obama chose Ambassador Brewster to represent the United States government in the Dominican Republic because of his outstanding credentials, integrity and dedication to the advancing the interests of this country. He has the full support of this president, this White House and the entire U.S. government, and I know he will continue to advocate tirelessly for the interests of the United States in the Dominican Republic. We will continue to support Ambassador Brewster as he advances universal human rights.
    Susan Rice
    U.S. National Security Adviser